Cost control and budgeting with customized reporting


Record and know the budget determined by associating it to each cost center you have.


Organize and plan activities in real time with our field notebook.


Delivery of reports with detailed information and relevant indicators.


Fast and secure cloud storage.

Make smart decisions, control your budget with reportage


Budget and cost center module

Keep in detail your budget progress as well as the costs associated with all your activities and agricultural operation, keeping a detail of what is planned for each activity. Allows you to export a budget report with date range and different filters, according to the requirements of the farm management. Allows you to parameterize the cost structure in the system according to the organization of the field as well as its different quarters and cost centers, analyzing all the costs associated with the activities of the field.


Field notebook module

The field notebook is an indispensable tool in field operations. It will allow you to plan, organize, record and access the daily tasks to be performed to adjust the activities according to the real needs of the field. Control activities remotely from any mobile device, tablet or computer in an easy and fast way of information.


Certifications and documents module

Keep the relevant information for your certification in order. This module functions as a repository for any type of document that the company considers important to store and have available within the agricultural system. One of its features is that the storage can be categorized at the user's convenience. To have all the certifications backed up and available whenever you want. We incorporate new standards such as GLOBAL G.A.P., IFS, SQF, FSSC and others.


Reports module

Delivers detailed reporting of operating costs and their cross-referencing with production reports to deliver relevant indicators. Get an overview of your entire field through self-manageable reports. You will be able to create customized and self-manageable reports to know the details of your operations according to your needs. You will be able to generate reports of cost per kilos, phytosanitary, cash flow, general budget report, inventory, salaries, product consumption, among others.


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