Record all the activities of your staff


Keeps the detail of tasks performed


Associates tasks to cost centers


Allocate different deals or bonuses to your staff


Manage your contractors easily and intuitively

Don't waste any more time
assigning tasks to
your workers.

How does it work?


Enter tasks and allocate cost centre

Register all the work of your employees individually or in multiple forms. Manage the activities of your staff, assigning them to cost centres and obtaining the payroll that facilitates the management of settlements.


Assign different types of bonuses and deals to your personnel

Assign different bonuses and daily treatments to your workers, depending on the seasonal work they are doing. It is fully customisable by the client, adjusting to the requirements of their field.


Integration with settlement software

This module integrates with the ERP or remuneration software that manages your field, you can also integrate it with our LIKIT remuneration module, allowing you to automatically generate the salary statements.


Detailed, real-time reporting

The platform provides you with reporting that allows you to keep in detail the cost of the different activities and tasks performed by your staff in real time. This can be the salary report or the bonus report of your field.


Offline mode, no need for internet

You can use our Agri system without being connected to the internet. The data entered will be automatically updated once you are connected to the network through your device.

Power AGRI with LIKIT
settlement software


Automatically integrate the payroll generated in AGRI with LIKIT. You will be able to generate settlements allowing you to upload the information to the DT and have all your employees' tax payments up to date!

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